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 packing klingersil c-4430 gasket
 packing klingersil c-4430 gasket
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08 Apr 2020
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Specification of

Klingersil Gasket Packing C-4430 Sheet (sheet) Glass fiber with fastening NBR.

Applications: • steam, hydrocarbons, used for oil oxygen and drinking water applications • premium quality materials for many industrial sealing applications. • excellent resistance to hot water and steam.

Property: • Good vapor resistance • Resistant to oil, fuel, hydrocarbons etc. • WRAS is approved for use in hot and cold drinking water • Fire - safe • Available in sheet form and as cut gaskets • 3xA anti-stick finish on both sides.

Temperature (° C): 400 C

100 bar pressure

 one side color while one side green

we accept the manufacture of Flanges and Gaskets.

We received orders from all over Indonesia through expeditions

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