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 pvc curtains 081210668835
 pvc curtains 081210668835
 pvc curtains 081210668835
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PVC curtain is a door replacement product made from PVC plastic. Its function is to maintain room temperature as used in cold storage, serves to reduce pests or air pollutants entering the room, also to reduce dust, noise, heat and humidity of the room, facilitate the function of entry and exit for vehicles and people so there is no need to open the door, baffle between rooms that are easily visible for supervision. The application of this curtain has been used in supermarkets, hypermarkets, storage warehouses, factories. This curtain can be used for a long period of time. We sell pvc curtain curtains that are commonly used for door replacement, such as: PVC curtain curtain as warehouse dividers, hospitals, warehouses, supermarkets, hypermarkets and the like. the pvc curtains that we sell have several colors: transparent, yellow, red, green etc. This product is suitable for use in warehouses, homes, refrigeration boxes and others to prevent insects from entering the room.

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