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  rockwool blanket wire
  rockwool blanket wire
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18 Jul 2019
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Rockwool insulation blanket with wire mesh roll (Rock wool roll berkawat) Mineral Wool Insulation Blanket, Rockwool Blanket Sound Absorption face: Rockwool Blanket can be sewn with galvanized wire mesh and laminated with Aluminum Foil, Black Tissue and other materials faced.


Rockwool (mineral) products are lightweight economical thermal insulation materials which are also recognized as one of the best materials for thermal insulation purposes and are made from a mixture of natural stones (basalt and dolomite) melting at high temperatures to form a liquid matrix, which is then passed through the air stream cool the material and the form of long fibrous strands. These strands are bound together to form sheets, blocks, blankets, blankets for pipes and (non-bonded) granulates. Material that is chemically and biologically inert and free of plant pathogens.


Rockwool blankets are for processing temperature control, energy conservation, prevention of condensation and protection of personnel for power plants, metallurgy, oil refining and industrial chemistry, including factories and equipment such as exhaust flues, hot gas lines, boilers, heat exchangers, reactors, storage tanks, furnaces, ovens, autoclaves, dust, piles, air conditioners require work lines, cooling equipment and kilns. It is also used for industry suitable for walls, roofs, good elevators, flats or rather curved surfaces for thermal, fire retardant and sound absorption of buildings. This is easily installed by impaling the rockwool slab or blanket on the welding pin and securing with a speed clip. The unfaced surface of a rockwool blanket must be applied to a hot surface to be isolated. The rockwool blanket can be laminated with aluminum foil, fiberglass cloth or sewn with galvanized mesh wire and other materials facing at the customer's request for specific purposes.

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