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  ​​PP Polypropylene rod polypropylene sheet
  ​​PP Polypropylene rod polypropylene sheet
  ​​PP Polypropylene rod polypropylene sheet
  ​​PP Polypropylene rod polypropylene sheet
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Sell ​​Rochling Polypropylene Sheet (PP) Sheet (sheet) and Rod (bar). Polypropylene is a chemical PP plastic resistance often compared with PVC-U which also has good chemical resistance. The main advantage of PP to PVC-U lies in its ability to survive at application temperatures up to 100 ° C, we know PVC-U only lasts up to 60 ° C. In addition, for certain chemicals, such as acetic acid and chlorobenzene, PVC-U cannot survive while PP can be used up to 100 ° C without problems. To overcome the shortcomings of PVC-U in the matter of temperature, a commonly used alternative is PVC-C (Chlorinated PVC) which has a continuous use temperature of up to 85 ° C. Unfortunately the increase in the temperature range of PVC-C is highly dependent on the post chlorination process and the purity of raw materials used. If the two factors are not optimal, then the temperature resistance of the resulting PVC-C will not reach 85 ° C so that it does not solve the problem of PVC-U temperature limitations. A better alternative is to use PP that can be used up to a temperature of 100 ° C. With a specific gravity of PP 0, 91 gr / cm3 which is much lower than PVC-C 1, 55 gr / cm3, PP is much lighter so that the price of PP material per kg the weight is lower than PVC-C. Light weight combined with good chemical resistance makes PP economically efficient for the chemical industry. Applications: Chemical tanks, chemical pumps, valves, gaskets, pickling tanks, anodize tanks, metal passivation tanks, degreasing tanks, electroplating tanks, etching tanks, galvanizing tanks, spacers for plating, plating barrels, fume exhaust scrubbers and their components, tanks and chambers for washer systems, storage and circulation tanks for corrosive solutions, coating process tanks, supporting stands for industrial coatings, acid chemical process tanks, dosing tanks, and other applications that require corrosion resistance.

Size: 1220mm x 2440mm and 1000mm x 2000mm

Thickness: 3mm. 4 mm. 5 mm. 6mm. 8mm. 10mm. 12mm. 15mm. 20mm. 25mm. 30mm. 40mm. and 50mm

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