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Agung Jaya Packing

graphite gland packing
graphite gland packing
graphite gland packing
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Gland Graphite Packing is usually made with a braid or woven system with a cross section shape and its constituent material can be graphite, acrilic, PTFE, asbestos and so on the liquid on the pump that serves as a lubricating gasket. The baffle which is generally called a seal is a part of a machine I construction that functions as a barrier / blocking in and out of liquid, both process fluid and lubricant. Seal refers more to the understanding of a function regardless of its shape and material, if it functions to prevent leakage. The selection of the best method is very important for the success of using a pump to get pump reliability. Gland Graphite Packing In general, there are two kinds of seals, the first is a static seal used at a meeting between the two surfaces that will be blocked, no movement occurs. Gaskets and a-rings are common examples of static seals shown in Figure 2. The initial a-ring is referred to as a round rubber that functions as a seal. The a-ring material is made of natural rubber, EPDM, Buna, Neoprene, Viton, Chemraz, Kalrez, Isolast to Encapsulated a-Ring type, where the a-ring is wrapped with PTFE. There is also a pure made from PTFE and called Wedge.

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